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Financial Services

  1. Brokerage Services

    The Group’s wholly owned subsidiary Ever-Long Securities Company Limited (“Ever-Long Securities”) was established in Hong Kong in 1994. It is licensed by the SFC to carry on the regulated activities type 1 (dealing in securities), type 4 (advising in securities) and type 6 (advising in corporate finance) and is a participant of the Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited. Ever-Long Securities offers a range of financial services encompassing securities broking, corporate finance and margin financing services to clients.

    Securities Broking Services

    Ever-Long Securities provides stock broking services and online stock trading services to clients. Ever-Long Securities’ clientele comprises Hong Kong listed companies, institutional investors, professional and individual investors.

    In respect of its operation, the Group has established effective internal controls. In particular, the Group has fully complied with the requirements of the Securities and Futures Ordinance in its brokerage business. As a result, the customers are satisfied with its services.

    In Novemeber 2014, Ever-Long Securities started to provide stock broking services for Hong Kong-Shanghai Stock Connect transactions.

    Corporate Finance Services

    We provide a broad range of corporate financing products and services to our corporate clients. We provide equity financing solutions such as new share placements and initial public offerings (“IPOs”) to corporate clients. We also provide debt financing solutions to clients. Ever-Long Securities acts as the co-manager, placing agent or underwriter for corporate financing clients.

    Over the years, the Group had undertaken a variety of corporate finance projects, which included IPO underwriting deals, placement of convertible notes and new shares. Ever-Long Securities has a proven track record in capital market transactions as shown by the billions of Hong Kong dollars of new funds that it has raised for listed companies, helping customers with their business expansion and increasing their working capital.

    The Group boasts an established business network and extensive experience in its corporate finance business sector. Ever-Long Securities has obtained the SFC's approval to release the licensing condition relating to a regulated activity of its corporate finance services. It is now able to provide its clients sponsor service in application for listing of any securities on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong. The Group believes that its corporate finance services will contribute a good profit to the Group and will remain a major source of income for the Group.

    Margin Financing Services

    The Group provides margin financing services to individual, corporate and institutional clients for trading stocks and other listed securities, and for subscribing to new shares in IPOs. The Group also provides margin financing services to qualifying online clients who have a sound credit record.

    Our margin financing services increase the client’s investment power and liquidity by enabling the client to borrow against HKEX listed securities and other listed securities.

    The Group will grant the margin financing to clients subject to a credit assessment that is made by us. Clients that pass our credit assessment are granted our margin financing facility.

  2. Asset Management Services

    The Group has diversified its operations to asset management services

    Our wholly owned subsidiary Ever-Long Capital Management Limited (“Ever-Long Capital Management”) is an asset management corporation licensed under the Securities and Futures Ordinance. Ever-Long Capital Management’s asset management team, comprised of investment professionals from Greater China and South-east Asia, helps clients build the right investment portfolio that enables clients to obtain a competitive return on their investment.

    Ever-Long Capital Management offers asset management services to corporate investors, institutional clients, and high net worth individuals. Ever-Long Capital Management offers clients a broad range of services that include collective investment schemes and discretionary account management. It specializes in investment in equities, bonds, private equities and funds in Hong Kong, Greater China and Asia.