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Profile of the Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Cheung Hoo Win was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Styland Holdings Limited in 2009. Mr. Cheung is also an Executive Director of the Group. He is also a member of the Hong Kong United Youth Association Limited. Previously, he was the vice-chairman of the Macau Energy Saving Association.

Born in Hong Kong, Mr. Cheung is the son of Mr. Cheung Chi Shing and Ms. Yeung Han Yi Yvonne, founders of the Group. Mr. Cheung has studied in Beijing since senior high school and graduated from Peking University (Department of International Economics and Trade). During his study in Peking University, Mr. Cheung acted as captain of the baseball team for several terms and led the team to win a number of tournaments. He started to demonstrate strong leadership skills at this stage. After graduation, Mr. Cheung worked as an intern at China Development Research Foundation (a subsidiary of Development Research Center of the State Council), where he built an excellent and extensive social network. He had received a number of top Chinese officials including President Hu Jintao and Vice Premier of the State Council Zeng Peiyan. He was also among the staff of the foundation that received CEOs of Fortune 500 enterprises in an event. Having stayed in Mainland China for years, Mr. Cheung keeps abreast of the economic development of China, with an in-depth insight into the situation of China, different from the perception by people staying in Hong Kong. His unique insight has helped the Group enter the Mainland market.

After joining Ever-Long Holdings Limited, Mr. Cheung capitalised on his cross-border social network established during his study in Beijing, bringing many Mainland clients and partners of high potential, including China-affiliated corporations, red-chip state-owned enterprises, China-affiliated banks and Mainland securities firms. This helps plan and coordinate the Group’s long-term development plan. We have confidence in further expanding and developing the China market.

Mr. Cheung has been seeking development opportunities in emerging markets proactively. In 2010, he attended a luncheon held by Hong Kong Trade Development Council for the business sector to meet with the President of Ukraine in Hong Kong. He took the opportunity to make acquaintance with quite some Ukrainian officials. Mr. Cheung hoped to understand Ukrainian policies and study investment and development opportunities therein. Mr. Cheung intends to start from the “root”, continue the excellent results obtained by Mr. Cheung Chi Shing in Eastern Europe, and lead the Group to reach new heights and achieve more breakthroughs.

Holding the belief “take from society, give back to society”, Mr. Cheung is dedicated to helping people in need. Over the years, he has led the Group to participate in various charitable activities including fundraising events such as the Group’s fundraising activities for the Wenchuan earthquake. He firmly believes that human resources are the most valuable assets of the Group. The Group always cares for the development of employees. In addition to on-the-job training, the Group also encourages employees to continue learning. Furthermore, the Group promotes occupational safety actively and cares for the health of its employees. The Group has promoted the concept of “Green Office”, contributing to environmental protection as well as improving the working environment for employees.