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Profile of the Founder

Styland’s Founder, Mr. Cheung Chi Shing, was born in Hong Kong and is the only son in his family. During his childhood, he grew up in chicken huts in Kwun Tong, Hong Kong. Having grown up in a deprived family, Mr. Cheung had to take a part-time job while he was attending secondary school, and studied Chinese literature and history on his own in the evenings.

In 1976, Mr. Cheung established Styland (Hong Kong) Enterprises Limited with his $6,000 savings. Due to the tight budget at the beginning, he set up a home office for his trading business to save on rental expenses. Styland weathered the storms of various changes before it established an office at Belgian Bank Building in Mong Kok at a rent of $1,600. By obtaining letters of credit issued by banks, Mr. Cheung established goodwill for his business and made his first fortune. In 1979, upon the conclusion of a trade fair in Eastern Europe organized by the Hong Kong Trade and Development Council, Mr. Cheung extended his business trip and travelled around in countries including Poland, Yugoslavia, Romania, Hungary and the former East Germany to develop key business relationships for Styland.

In 1985, having successfully expanded his wealth, Mr. Cheung had stepped down and studied at home for a year. Mr. Cheung then came back to his business in 1987, and with his strong ambition, he started to engage in electronic trade, real estate, financial investment and a toll road project in China.

On 18 June 2002, Mr. Cheung announced his retirement. Nowadays, Mr. Cheung enjoys spending time fishing, reading and studying literature with friends, as well as vacationing throughout China.